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Compost Spreader, Compost Top Dresser, Row CropTM,

updated Jan 3 / 2021

Compost Spreader, Row Crop, shown above has a 13 Cu yard capacity.  Dual axle available upon request.

New “Row Crop” Compost/Mineral Spreader
Reliable, efficient, economical, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. Spreads compost, peat, worm castings, lime and other minerals. Features a new improved powerful discharge mechanism that provides more consistent, even distribution of a wide variety of materials. Hhydraulically driven vario-speed apron chain will discharge any material including wet and dry compost, as well as dense minerals; Keeps that product moving; extra wide multi-speed discharge spinners; heavy-duty construction built for rugged terrain; and easy, one-person operation. New features include faster discharge, up to 13 cu yds in 3.5 minutes, pto driven spinners, single axle with large flotation, heavy duty, rugged tires or dual axle available to suit your needs. Hhydraulically driven apron chain, 13 Cu yard holding capacity with spreading width of 45- 50 ft. All compost spreaders come with one year warranty.


Sittler Compost Spreader * Épandeuse de compost et de chaux Sittler


Dual Axle available upon request. Smaller tires fit between vegetable crops. Dry compost with straw is used to demonstrate the spreader width. Sittler Compost/Mineral Spreader * Épandeuse de compost et de chaux Sittler


Row Crop, shown in all images.

For Minerals, Wet & Dry Compost

Extra Wide Multi Speed Discharge

PTO Driven Spinners

Heavy Duty Construction

New Single Axle or Dual Axle .

13 Cu Yard Holding Capacity

One Man Operation

Easy, Safe

Reliable, Available & Affordable

Using the Sittler Compost Mineral Spreader is an easy way to fortify and enrich your soil.  Applying compost with minerals to the soil helps feed microbes which in turn break down crop residuals and help deliver nutrients to crops. The new apron chain design is more effective than a belt in moving product along. Works under a wider variety of conditions remains in position regardless of product being spread.


The Sittler compost spreader, is an efficient way to spread compost, spread lime or other minerals. Top dress forages and fields with a Sittler compost top dresser, create humus, build biomass, prevent erosion & remediate salinity. The Sittler compost spreader available through Global Repair


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Sittler manufacturing has been designing and building compost equipment for over 40 years. Quality, affordable craftsmanship with innovative design.

To order, or for more information please email: sales@globalrepair.ca, or call 1-866-271-0719, 1-416-686-3690,
fax 1-416-686-1744


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